We provide all best quality with recent technology component in our solar project to provide highest efficiency level of solar generation in minimum area. We are doing project in collaboration with West Bengal State University Renewable Energy Department. University Professor will visit multiple times till commissioning of project to certify by concerned state university. All associate software we are applying to provide best optimised system with Innovative Structure Design. Everything is just large – especially in capital projects and the suppliers and consultants that work for you know the value of a customer like that. As a consultant executing two projects for a large multinational, I realise how very difficult it sometimes can be on the receiving-end.
“Many people has the notion that enlightenment is one state. Many also believe that when it is attained, a person is forever in that state.”Paul Farmer
No headache from client’s dimension after work order till the project execution. We provide super cyclone proof structure ( designed by State University Renewable Energy Department ) with wind analysis report. One year complimentary maintenance support. Auto Clean System & Remote Monitoring System at Free of Cost.