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Harness The Power Of Clean Energy With Residential Solar Solutions 

The current weather climate is subjecting home owners to uncontrolled expenses from changing power needs, rising energy costs. Protecting beloved people requires a reliable, affordable, and bankable solution and smart home owner or apartment/flat residential building devlopers are moving to wholesale and self-generated solar energy as the answer.

What are the main types of residential solar power installations?

There are two main types of residential solar installations. The first and most common system connects your solar panel installation with the main electricity grid. This Grid Connect system allows you to feed energy back into the grid through your meter, and be financially rewarded for it by your energy company. 

The other is a 'Stand-Alone' solar power system for remote properties where the cost of connecting the solar panel installation to the main grid is prohibitive. The system charges a battery bank, which in turn is used to power a house. A generator is usually kept available to back up the battery system.

Who does the solar installation and how long does it take?

Roddur, will provide you a free, immediate and informative Quote as per your electricity consumption., upon solar plan selection and order confirmation, it takes 3 days for solar system installation.

I live in a residential apartment building. What are my solar energy options?

There's normally plenty of vacant and sunny space on the roofs of apartment buildings. You'll usually need to obtain permission from your Resident Welfare Authority(RWA) body prior to any solar installation going ahead. Alternatively, your RWA itself may wish to power the building's common areas and lighting by a solar panel installation.

Residential apartment builders are also eligible for the Solar combo Discount scheme, as are owner occupiers and tenants of residential apartments. See our Solar plan combo offer page for more details.

Where should the solar panels be installed?

Wherever you have maximum sunshine and minimal shade. Normally the solar panels will be installed as discreetly as possible on your roof, but if you prefer they can also be erected free standing elsewhere on your property. 

What is an inverter and where should it be installed?

An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by your solar panels into 240V AC electricity suitable for use in your home.

Inverters are usually smaller than a standard briefcase, and are situated close to your electrical switchboard.

Should you oversize your inverter for future expansion of your system?

Yes, you can add more inverters and batteries for future expansion of solar plant.

How do I maintain my residential solar power installation?

Simply by ensuring, every year or as need be, that your solar panels are kept clean. That's all you really need to do. There are no moving parts, and so a good solar panel installation should last you for a minimum of 25 years.

What size solar panel installation will power my household needs?

It depends on your elecricity consumption, please contact us today to check your best suitable plan.

It's time for solar energy. As per your requirement, Roddur will create a customized energy solution that brings new benefits to your bottom line.  contact us today !!